Ezekiel changed everything. It’s like I was living life with the soft focus lens attached and then BOOM!, hyper-focused and no turning back.  It wasn’t only about me anymore. Something else mattered. I had to pay attention to what I was eating. I had to censor what I watched on t.v. and how I spoke (both a major work in progress!) . My social life disappeared because he needed me constantly (and maybe I needed him a little bit too). I paid more attention to everything, whether I wanted to or not.

What I learned from this is that it matters.  How we live our lives really matters! There is cruelty, environmental degradation, hatred and apathy all around us. I know that in my lifetime I will not eradicate these things. But I also know that I do not have to contribute to them, and as a mother with a child watching my every move, I can offer alternatives.

There are so many products on the market and every time we buy something we make a choice. Where do you want your money to go? I decided to share the products that I believe will help alleviate cruelty, thereby shrinking the footprint that we leave. My hope is that you will make the same choice and give them a try!

By the way, I’m not dumb. I know my choices aren’t perfect and we will leave footprints. I just want ours to be a wee bit smaller than they could be. Don’t you?

Remember, Ezekiel is watching!

Ezekiel is watching!


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